Success Stories

Caroline Tang

Thanks for the tender loving care.

Alvin Khoo

No pain in my neck. I’m so happy.

Saparin & Rahima

I’m so happy with my knee now. I can go for a walk without pain.

Deeque Lim

I have immediate relief after each session. They are very friendly and professional. 110% positive vibe.

Clarice Tek

I had very stiff right neck and shoulder. I feel less fatigue and my shoulder is more flexible. I’m a happier person compare to 6 months back when I first came for Chiropractic treatment.

Charlie Chua

I had neck pain since 2005 and couldn’t sleep properly for few years. All the years specialist attended to me and asked me to go for surgery. Dr Park has been a great help. I could sleep better and pain intensity has been drastically reduced.


  Thank you very much Dr Suyi for taking good care of my health since 2012. Hugs & Love.

Ada Wong

Thank you for the tender loving care!

Dr Jayanthi

Thank you for helping me recover from excruciating pain to pain free in 5 weeks!

Eugene Lau

Dr Suyi Choo and he staff are very friendly which makes me feel comfortable when getting the treatment, besides that the location is very convenient to me. I would recommend to others if they have spine problems.

Bonnie Tseng

I have been having pain and discomfort on my right shoulder…

Calvin Lee

Chiropractic works and helps me to recover naturally…

Jordan Low

Dr Suyi is simply wonderful…

Susie OH

I had exhausted my treatment options…

Senior Logistics Officer

Subacute knee and leg pain


Fatigue, difficulty breathing & sleeping, bloating

Home Maker

Frozen shoulder

Hair Stylist

Difficulty breathing, headaches, neck & back pain

Software Engineer

Chronic neck, shoulder & low back pain


Constant chronic neck & shoulder pain

Home Maker

Low back and hip pain

Engineer / Professional Diver

Chronic stiff neck & shoulder

Home Maker

Knee pain

Interior Designer

Pain & numbness in low back & thighs


Difficulty walking, degenerated knees


Sharp pain in neck and shoulder

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