Calvin Lee

calvin and jordan

I knew that something was not right since young as I always had this lower back pain every time after standing/walking for more than 30 minutes. The pain usually went away after a day or two and therefore I did not pay much attention to it, until one fine day, at age 37, I experienced the worse lower back pain ever, which lasted for months. I could not sleep at night due to the pain, and I was unable to get up from bed without help every morning.

I had been to quite a few doctors, but all I got was either pain killer from GP or heat treatment and painful needles (acupuncture?) from TCM doctors, but none seemed to work. I had also tried many different massages with lots of money spent but pain still persisted.

It was by chance that I met Dr Suyi, after reviewing my x-ray, she explained to me that I had this condition called slip-disc complicated by some fracture in my L5 region. I realized then that, it was actually the result of a fall during my teenage year that moved one of my spine bone (5th lumbar bone) forward by a few mm, and without adjusting it back, the muscle around that area had actually been working very hard over the years trying to freeze the disc in order to protect the spine. I guessed the muscle had wear off after 20 odd years and is no longer functioning efficiently.

I started Dr Suyi’s chiropractic treatments program immediately as I could not endure the pain any further, it was slow initially, but after months of intensive adjustment (3 per week) and exercises given by Dr Suyi to strengthen my lower back core muscle, I gradually recovered and no longer troubled by the lower back pain now. I recently travelled to Hokkaido and was surprised that I could actually go shopping with my wife for more than 6 hours and my lower back did not complaint at all. Today, after 6 years with Dr Suyi, my wife and I still visit Dr Suyi at least once a month for wellness adjustment to release tension caused by long hour of office work.

Chiropractic works and helps me to recover naturally. I am just happy that I didn’t have to spend twenty over thousand dollars to have my lower back cut open and surgically insert a metal to support my body.

I would strongly recommend Dr Suyi to anyone who’s is looking for safe and drugless treatment for their back/neck pain. Unlike some chiropractors who only do quick and standard adjustment for every patient regardless of different conditions, Dr Suyi practices what she called a “cocktail” chiropractic treatment where she would carefully and patiently “customized” her treatment for each patient depending on their condition.