We Listen to You!

Our Center's Procedure

Thorough consultation

Where we listen to your problems, conduct physical examinations and refer you for extra scans and x-rays if necessary.

Report of Findings

From scans or x-rays. We explain what is going with your problem and discuss what the next step is.


  • Gentle specific active release therapy
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Chiropratic adjustments
  • Mechanical traction devices
  • Ice therapy

Our treatment sessions are customized to your needs and you will experience an overall improvement in your well-being as your treatment progress


Obvious Pain & Discomfort

Joint Instability & Nervous System Dysfunction are present

Some Relief

Inflammation and tissue degeneration is decreased

Starting to Improve

Range of Motion is increasing and Muscle Spasm is Decreasing

Symptom Free

You should be improving tissue function

Feeling Good

This is the begining of the Healing Stage

Enjoying Care

Muscles and Ligaments are begining to normalise

Optimizing Health

Your body is stabilizing and undergoing re-education

Optimal Health

Your body works at an optimum level

Initial Intensive Care

Almost everyone begins care at this stage. The Primary treatment goals include the reduction of symptoms. Improving Quality of Life, and eliminating harmful toxins from your body. Depending on how severe your condition is visits will be frequent and care should be strictly monitored.

Supportive Care

Most patients drop out of care at this stage. Aches and pains diminished, muscle and soft tissues begin to normalise and heal. This is the most delicate stageof care because your body is undergoing intense re-education and learning hot to function properly. Dropping out of care at this stage can result in a quick relapse of symptoms as well as chronic states of pain. Visits are not as frequent as long as the patient proceeds with care.

Wellness Care

Patient who graduate to this stage are no longer in state of defense, but a state of support. Your body works at it’s peak performance. Visits are reserved for routine checkups ensuring prevention of future problems. This stage of care is the most affordable as well as rewarding.

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